Cool Tapes


I'm Tapes. I write the fics I want to read. It's possible that other people might want to read them sometimes too. Honestly though, I treat putting fics on AO3 as roughly equivalent to throwing them into the void.


Why do you only post finished stuff?
Because I'm bad at finishing projects. Also I was really into Gundam Wing back when the fandom died, and it was pretty crushing to get invested in an unfinished fic that hadn't been updated in four years where you knew it would probably never get finished. I don't want do that to anyone.

How do I get in touch with you?
Please don't. If I knew people read my work I would get very anxious about it and talk myself out of posting anything ever again.

Why do you have a website?
Why not?

Why are you using Comic Sans? Are you a psychopath?
Liking bad things is kind of my brand.

What's your name about?
Well, cool tapes are cool. Also, I already did some writing today, and then I read what I wrote.